we can make a better world by singing

This is why

‘Böse Menschen haben keine Lieder’ is the German way of expressing the thought that music heals, music connects, music is the universal way of getting to know oneself. And besides that, music brings joy and happiness to the world.

If you see images of children in places where people are only focused on survival, on the bare necessities, do you wonder why they often laugh and look openly into the camera and with bright eyes? This is because those children stay in touch with their natural behaviour and have learned to enjoy every moment of beauty and connections with other children and adults. Often, they play, dance and sing…

Singing is the most individual expression without the intervention of an instrument outside oneself. Singing immediately reflects any changes in the body and mind. In our country many children have problems listening to themselves and to others. Singing in a choir offers a natural environment to learn to listen, to adapt and to help other singers. Singing in a choir is not only singing, it’s a lot more. It provides a natural challenge to take care of others, to take into consideration the differences and possibilities of all the other singers.

But there is apparently one condition: the music you sing should leave some space for listening, contemplating and maybe changing. A ballad will be more suitable for that purpose then an up-tempo song.

To make the world a better place we need more art and therefore more singing. We need the beauty of making music together. We also need beauty to connect with the best part of ourselves. The world needs more singing. The world needs good singing. The world needs the Academy of Vocal Arts.

Musicanti explains why…

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Singing in a Choir

Evereone wants to be happy. How to find happiness? Emily Esfahani Smith explanes why also choir singing can contribute.

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