Make A Difference by helping our children
As we all know, the cultural climate in The Netherlands is not optimal for education in classical music. Donations are an investment in our next generation.
Let your life be an Inspiration
You may inspire other people to invest through which a lot of people will be able to listen to beautiful singing.
Let's Make a Better World For All Children
Let us contribute to the climate improvement and also to the improvement of the cultural environment.
Personal Attention
Professional Quality
Result Based
You can join Us

The ACVA Team welcomes you

Team Spirit
Always involved in people and music.
Teaching children how to sing on this level requires special skills: The ACVA Team possesses these skills.
Safe learning environment
Singing Together in a safe learning environment.
Achievable Challenge
Inspiring children to move forward and have the courage to discover new possibilities.

We would appreciate Your Support!

The ACVA approach leads to the performance level in this example.